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Hi, my name is Kyle Combes.

I do full-stack web development for a more sustainable and just world.


BOCS: An extensible, IoT puzzle box

BOCS: An extensible, IoT puzzle box

BOCS is a puzzle box platform that incorporates multiple I/O devices in a customizable and extensible manner. Anyone who knows basic Python can write their own puzzle, and one can even add I/O devices by simply connecting another Arduino to the central Raspberry Pi...

Reimagining community calendaring

Reimagining community calendaring

I spent the summer after my freshman year (2017) developing a new event-sharing platform for the Olin College Library. As the lead frontend developer, I helped select a JavaScript framework, led the subsequent charges learning React and Redux, and directed most of the...


GrubTubs, Inc

Full-Stack Web Developer Intern
Austin, TX | Jul – Aug 2019
  • Created custom web-based food waste truck routing assistant and customer analytics portal using React and Redux which reduced routing time by over 80 percent
  • Built Node.js backend server with REST API for web client and integrated external services using OAuth and webhooks
  • Crafted Python script to allocate customers to service days based on geographic location, average pickup size, and service frequency needs while minimizing driving distance

I am happy to recommend Kyle based on my work with him at GrubTubs. [Kyle’s work led to] a large increase in efficiency which had an impact on the bottom line… Interpersonally, he is extremely professional yet personable.

[Kyle’s memo of suggestions] was greatly appreciated by senior management in the company and a number [of] his ideas have been implemented… I would not hesitate to work with Kyle again and feel he would be a great asset to any company given his skill set, work ethic and proactivity.

Peter Black

Pharmaceutical Consultant & COO, GrubTubs

Optimus Ride

Test Engineer Intern
Boston, MA | Jun – Aug 2018
  • Developed graphical tool for analyzing lidar calibration data for self-driving vehicles using Python, PyQT and matplotlib
  • Refined lidar calibration and calibration verification procedures by analyzing gathered data and identifying shortcomings

Olin College Library

Web Developer Intern
Needham, MA | Jun – Aug 2017
  • Lead frontend developer for new open-source community calendar platform built using React & Redux
  • Led charge on researching and selecting JavaScript framework, designing UI, and using React and Redux
  • Developed customizable React calendar view module

Sole Proprietor

Computer Service Technician
Kohala, HI | Jun 2012 – Aug 2016
  • Designed websites for local businesses (primarily using WordPress)
  • Serviced PC and Mac computer systems as well as associated peripherals for all types of users
  • Learned how each generation interfaces with technology, and tailored tutorials based on client’s technical aptitude and familiarity with product
  • Contracted with Mobile Computer Doctor, Inc

Kyle Combes is one of the best computer technicians I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he incredibly skilled with both software and hardware, but his ability to connect with the people he is helping is fantastic. I have received dozens of rave reviews about Kyle’s knowledge, skill, patience, and presence, and would enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone.

Jim Hood

Owner, Mobile Computer Doctor, Inc

Aspen Labs

Software Developer Intern
Kapa‘au, HI | Feb – Nov 2013
  • Assisted in development of Silverlight-based PCB CAD system
  • Worked primarily on UI (C# and XAML), manipulating XML-based data structures, and dealing with client-server interaction
  • Built program capable of parsing and solving mathematical expressions entered into command line


Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

B.S., Engineering degree candidate | Concentration: computing | Class of 2020 | 3.94 GPA